1-3/4in  SDS Max Rotary Hammer Kit

1-3/4in SDS Max Rotary Hammer Kit

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DEWALT D25602K 1-3/4-Inch SDS Max Rotary Hammer
Providing the power and performance you need to complete the toughest applications, the D25602K rotary hammer utilizes DEWALT's patented, high performance motor technology to generate up to 13.5 amps of power. When combined with its new motor technology, the D25501K's hammer mechanism produces high impact energy -- up to 9.5 foot-pounds -- to deliver fast drilling and powerful chipping to complete the most demanding applications. The D25602K also features DEWALT's two-stage clutch system --Complete Torque Control (CTC) -- helping you avoid reactionary torque during bind-up situations. The first clutch setting activates at 30 foot-pounds of torque, sufficient for the majority of drilling applications. The second clutch setting, which engages at 60 foot-pounds of torque, is designed for drilling large holes or coring applications. Once the tool has been unplugged and is then plugged back in, it will automatically reset back to the first clutch setting. The D25602K features a rear handle mount for increased user comfort in down drilling applications, Trigger Lock On capability for added comfort in extended use chipping applications, and a rubber grip. Additionally, the chisel rotation mode enables you to turn the chisel without having to remove it.