12in Cut-Off Machine

12in Cut-Off Machine

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SKU: PT DWD28754

Dewalt D28754 15-Amp 12in Hand Held Abrasive Cutoff Machine

Designed for metal and concrete cutting, the DeWalt D28754 15 Amp 12-inch Hand Held Abrasive Cutoff Machine comes with a 15.0 Amp 5.3 HP motor for high power and speed. Features include an epoxy coated field and armature for long service life against abrasion from debris and an adjustable guard for different cutting depths mounted at two points to maintain proper alignment. Sparks and debris are directed toward the front of the tool to help prevent climbing in the cut, and a dust-sealed switch protects the grinder against dust ingestion for longer switch life. Also included are automatic turn-off brushes that shut down the tool when brushes need to be changed to avoid tool damage, a 2-wire double insulated "S" jacket rubber cord for increased durability and life in hot and cold climates, and a spindle lock button for fast, easy wheel changing. This cutoff machine comes with a wrench, a masonry cutting wheel, and a metal cutting wheel.