15.75" Wide High Impact Polystyrene

15.75" Wide High Impact Polystyrene

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SKU: bs-1575highimpactpolystyrene

• The adhered fabric blocks mortar or stucco from filling the drainage channels and acts as a bug screen at terminations
• It has superior appear ance on thin veneers vs. furring strips due to less ridging, cracking, and waviness
• It saves installation time (half the time of furring strips and backer board)
• High impact polystyrene ensures durability, rigidity and longevity
• Vertical channels promote rapid drainage
• Perforations allow cross-ventilataion for better drying
• Compartmentalized channels promote pressure equalization
• Prevents bridging
• Exceeds ASTM E-2273
• UV tested over 9 weeks

Square Feet per Roll: 66
Roll Length (Feet): 50
Roll Width (Inches): 15.75
Channel Depth: 3/16" / 5mm
Rolls per Box: N/A
Boxes per Pallet: N/A
Rolls per Pallet: 32
Square Feet per Pallet: 4224
Pallet Size: 45" x 45" x 77"

The Buechel Stone Weep System. Buechel Stone believes strongly that good masonry practices are not just what you see, it's how it's installed. With that thought, Buechel Stone was the first in the industry to widely promote a drainage plain on thin and full veneer installations. What this does is gives you the peace of mind knowing your project will stand up to what mother nature can throw at it. We offer a full range of products, along with custom drawings and detailing for more unique project applications.