Marketing a Construction Business Like Yours

Will you increase or decrease overall marketing activities and budgets in 2017?

Whatever your answer the key questions will be about HOW you spend you marketing dollars to secure new business.

In a national survey of construction professionals  the Construction Marketing Association, a professional group focused on a broad range of resources and support for marketers in the construction category, asked important questions about how construction professionals will be marketing in the the year ahead.

A couple of key results included the following:

Website development leads the way, but many businesses are becoming aware that Facebook can serve as a website for marketing purposes without the cost of traditional website development. In either case, you will need to dedicate some resources (funds and personnel) to make the effort effective.


Are you planing any efforts  to generate leads for your business?

Since the rollout of Google’s snack pack update, local SEO has gained attention, and many construction professionals are taking notice. A significant 73.1% intend to increase this expenditure.

Among the top SEO factors are quality, consistency, and location. In order to rank, you need to make sure all listings of your business information are consistent. Links and listings for your site need to be on solid, authoritative, reputable websites, and just as importantly, not on sites of low-quality.

Location is becoming increasingly important for search, especially when users are looking for business. If your location is not where your target customer can find you, it can hide you from potential business. Also keep in mind that Google cares what is being posted on Google. Verify your information on Google. Keep all these things in mind to help your firm succeed in search engine visibility.

As for other lead generation, sales prospecting and online reviews are also really important, but telemarketing is the area many plan to decrease and few plan to increase.

Digital marketing is the next big breakthrough for innovative construction and building companies. Give it some attention and get your business, not matter its size, involved in marketing itself digitally. You’ll see results over time adn at the very least you can keep up with the competition.


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